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Service Excellence

Onsite management, hassle free, great prices, flexible lease agreements.

Portable Storage Units

Secure temporary storage transported and moved as needed.


Indoor Heated Storage Units

24 storage locker sizes to choose from.

Residential & Commercial Storage

Indoor, outdoor and heated storage available.

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage lot and units to suit your needs.

24/7 Video Surveillance

Top security with a gated yard, fob entry, and security cameras.


We have 24 different size units available. Examples of some of our units are below.

5 x 5 (25 sq ft)

Equivalent to a Hall Closet

This unit is the size of a small closet. It is ideal for storing smaller personal items such as clothes, dishes, small furniture, dresser, end tables, kitchen chairs, tools or small appliances and 10–15 small boxes. Perfect for student storage. Also, this unit would work for commercial business storage, file boxes, small office furniture or small cabinets.

5×10 (50 sqft)

Equivalent to a Small to Medium Walk-in Closet

This unit is ideal for storing personal items, bicycle, small furniture such as a couch, chair, tools, box-spring and mattress, small appliances and 15–20 small boxes. Perfect for student storage, seasonal sports enthusiasts and renovators. Also, this unit would work for commercial business storage, files, office furniture or cabinets.

10×10 (100 sqft)

Equivalent to a Small Bedroom

This unit is ideal for storing the contents of a large room. As resident storage, you could also include patio furniture, dressers, tables, chairs, appliances such as a fridge, stove, washing machine, dryer and 25–30 medium-sized boxes. For commercial storage, this unit would work for larger units of inventory, or off-season equipment and tools.

10×15 (150 sqft)

Equivalent to a Large Bedroom

This unit can store the contents of 2 or 3 rooms. It is ideal for storing large appliances, patio furniture, large furniture items, a small vehicle, boat and 30–35 medium-sized boxes. This storage would work well for anyone traveling who wants to store the contents of their apartment or for storing rooms of furniture during a renovation. Also, this unit would work for commercial business storage, large inventory, tools, files or office furniture.

10×20 (200 sqft)

Equivalent to an Average One Car Garage

This storage unit will hold the contents of a three-bedroom apartment, condo or small house. For residential purposes, this unit is ideal for storing large appliances such as washer, dryer, fridge, stove, large furniture items such as a couch, love seat and chairs, a small size car or boat and 35–40 medium-sized boxes. For commercial storage, this unit could store a vehicle or larger amounts of inventory or office equipment.

10×30 (300 sqft)

Equivalent to a One and a Half Car Garage

This storage unit will hold the contents of a large home, apartment, condo or 3-5 bedroom house. This unit is ideal for storing large appliances, patio furniture, yard equipment such as lawnmower, snow blower, large furniture items such as a couch, chairs, entertainment center, work-out equipment, garage contents such as car, boat, or truck. For commercial storage, vehicles, inventory and equipment, construction materials and 45-50 medium-sized boxes.







Gated Yard

Our storage yards are gated and fenced to offer optimum security for our clients and to deter unauthorized access to our yard.


24/7 Video Surveillance

Our storage facility has 24 hour surveillance camera’s with security lighting, the cameras are always on. We take every precaution, to keep your possessions secure and safe.


24/7 Fob Access

Fob access offers excellent security and peace of mind for your stored possessions. You will be given a fob key to gain access to the facilities where your possessions are kept. Access is logged each time people come and go and a record is kept.


Security Lighting

Our storage grounds are well lit from dusk to dawn. A well lit facility offers many benefits for renter safety and also works with our security cameras as a deterrent for undesirable activity.


Federal Self Storage is completely gated with 24-hour key fob access. All customers are required to supply their own lock. All of the storage spaces at Federal Self Storage are clean, bright and secure, allowing you to store your belongings with confidence. Complimentary trolleys are available to help you move into your storage unit. Some of our units have loading docks to help make your experience of loading and unloading your belongings as efficient as possible. You are required to supply your own lock.

On Site Self Storage Units and Storage Yard

We offer many sizes and options for all types of self storage at our facilities, including indoor self storage, heated storage and gated yard storage for larger recreational vehicles and boats. Call today so we can discuss the best storage option for your needs. Flexible lease agreements and friendly service too.

Portable Storage Units

Portable storage containers provide secure temporary storage so you can keep your belongings safe. We can deliver a storage container to your home, office or job-site, providing you with a safe, convenient, weather-resistant storage solution, for as long as you need or we can transport and store your storage unit at one of our secure self storage facilities, where you will have 24/7 fob access.


We have all types of storage units to suit your needs including portable storage units.  Whether you’ve outgrown your closets or garage, need seasonal space for bikes and sporting equipment.  Whatever your situation is, we have a secure place to put your things and you can access them anytime you need to.  It’s never been easier to clear the clutter from your home without giving away your cherished belongings.  Contact our self storage centre to find out how we can help manage your personal storage solutions.


Self storage is the ideal business partner. Particularly with the increasing home and e-business market, self storage can provide a flexible convenient way to store records, products, marketing material or anything business related. The advantage of self storage is that you can increase or decrease the space you use as often as you like. The cost of self storage space is more economical than leasing commercial or industrial property for storage. Whether you’re storing vital records, important inventory or extra office furniture, your stuff means the world to you. For added convenience, we also offer portable storage units.

Case Studies of Business Storage Solutions

Home Contractors

As a contractor, you hear it all the time, customers love the results of renovations, restoration or construction work, but they don’t like the loss of space during the project or clean-up tasks after.  Offer your customers a complete package by adding a self storage locker or portable storage unit to your services. Clients can safely store their belongings on-site, out of the way, and easily access them during the construction. They lose no space, and you’re able to move freely about to do your work.  For contractors with shorter-term jobs, Federal Self Storage can easily move a portable storage unit from job site to job site.

Realtors & Home Staging

Realtors can maintain a competitive edge by offering self storage options to clients. Staged homes often sell faster. Reduce clutter by storing extra furniture, equipment, personal items and boxes temporarily in self storage. At Federal Self Storage we offer many options that will give your clients easy access to their belongings during this time of transition.

Distribution Company Warehouse

Self Storage can solve your distribution needs. Why have sales reps traveling wasted distance coming back to base to pick up product or samples, when they could be picking them up from a local self-storage facility?

Office Document & Data Storage

Self Storage is also ideal for all your document and data storage. Whether it be reference documents, archiving, accounting records or digital data backup, self storage is your safe, secure, accessible off-site storage solution. Once again access is the key, while you might not need these documents every day, you have the peace of mind of knowing that whenever you want them, you can access them at your leisure, without having to wait.  So contact our self storage centre to find out how we can help manage your business storage needs.


“Congratulations Federal Self Storage on the recent opening of their new, state of the art indoor, heated storage facility.

Federal Self Storage incorporates motion detected lighting, security cameras and a fully monitored security system. Plus this heated, indoor facility makes loading and unloading worry-free.

We were very impressed by this new, hi-tech building, which offers such a clean and secure environment, thus making it an easy decision to store our valuables here. We encourage anyone, whether it be a long or short term storage requirement to first come hand meet with Federal Self Storage. Take a tour, we know you’ll be impressed, we were!!”

Russ & Yvonne

Hometown Coffee


“We have been very pleased, very satisfied with the facility. It is exactly what we hoped for and located conveniently close to my mother’s nursing home (D.H.Rapelje Lodge) over on Plymouth Road!”

Anne Campbell

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